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Consultation/X-ray Review

Consultation and X-ray reviews are performed to assess your condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan to manage your oral health. 

What is Consultation?

Consultation involves the review of your dental and medical history, as well as an overall examination of your teeth, gums and other oral structures. A treatment plan may be formulated depending on your particular condition. Certain procedures may be performed at the time of your initial consultation itself, such as simple implants, grafting and crown lengthening. Please inform our administrative staff when making the first appointment that you would like to have the treatment done during the initial visit if possible.

What are Dental X-rays?

X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans may be performed to evaluate the dental structures in detail depending on your particular condition. The types of X-rays that may be performed during your dental consultation are intraoral and extraoral X-rays. 

Intraoral X-rays: Your dentist can view the oral cavity in detail with intraoral X-rays. They help in analyzing the general health of the teeth, jawbone, roots of teeth and surrounding bone, and the status of developing teeth. 

Extraoral X-rays: Your dentist uses extraoral X-rays to evaluate the growth and development of your jaws, check for impacted teeth and identify problems between the jaws and temporomandibular joint (joint connecting the jaw to the side of the head). 

Dental problems that can be assessed with the help of dental X-rays include:

  • Areas of decay invisible with an oral examination
  • Decay under the dental filling
  • Bone loss due to gum disease
  • Changes in the root canal or bone due to infection
  • Assessment of dentures, tooth implants and dental procedures
  • Presence of tumors 
  • In children, issues like decay, space in the mouth for new teeth and development of wisdom teeth can be assessed. 

A CT scan may also be obtained during the consultation to evaluate the anatomy of your oral structures. These imaging techniques will help your dentist to evaluate, diagnose and decide on surgical or restorative plans of treatment. 

You will be encouraged to ask questions and voice any concerns about a procedure or treatment. 

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